Welcome in the heart of the city.

Explore the area, where not only the business life, but many many cultural and historical sights are centered. The famousshopping street, Váci street awaits you with a dozen of world famous designer stores, and impressive historic buildings. Nearby the lovely Nereids’ Fountain and the Inner City Franciscan Church you will find the historically significant Centrál Grand Café & Bar 1887. In the past,this café was considered the center of Pest’s intellectual elite. Today, together with the guests keeps writing the history of this famous and classic location of Budapest. Enjoy and *Live the Grand Cafe Life!*

The Parliament Panorama

The country’s most iconic building, the Parliament is located on the fabulous banks of the river Danube. The singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, asked during a concert in Budapest: “…and this house is for sale?” Of course, Parliament is not for sale but you can always admire it. If the building impressed you too, then the good news is that it can also be viewed from the inside. After that, you can enjoy a well-deserved bistro snack at Séf Asztala. The restaurant is run by one of Hungary’s best-known chefs, András Wolf. They welcome everyone with love, delicious flavors and fine affordable prices – and now with gratis prosecco as well.

The Central market hall

If you long for the real Hungarian food and want to get to know the Hungarian flavors to the core, then visit Vásárcsarnok, one of Europe’s TOP 10 markets. From the outside, the market evokes 19th-century Hungarian architecture, and inside, life is bustling. If the variety of food stalls, and the cavalcade of colors enchanted your senses, visit the kitchen of the market, Fakanál restaurant. The menu has everything you need to get an authentic, “like a Hungarian housewife made it” taste of flavors and from 12 A.M. to 3 P.M. we take care of the authentic atmosphere with live gipsy music!

The most beautiful café in the world

If you are in Budapest be sure to visit the breathtaking New York Café which is named as the most beautiful coffee house in the world! The history of the coffee house extends back to 120 years ago, and it also merges with literature because the famous Hungarian writer Sándor Márai was a frequent guest of the café as well. After a delicious coffee-breakfast-brunch-dessert combination, visit Dohány street synagogue which is the most beautiful and second largest synagogue in Europe.

The romantic Golden age of Budapest!

So many experiences and attractions are waiting for you in the green park Városliget of more than 100 hectares. There’s no lack of romanticism and mystery by walking by the Vajdahunyad Castle, so it’s the perfect venue for having a great day. If you have already admired the Castle, the Széchenyi Bath, the Ice Rink, the Fine Arts Museum, you should also visit even more gradually developing Városliget’s – worldwide architecturally acknowledged and renovated units like ‘Hungarian Music’s House and the Ethnographic Museum to ensures that the golden age of peace lives on and develops. After the tour take a rest and enjoy the romantic mood in Városliget Café.

The Heroic & The most famous Hungarian

Just walk over to the unmissable Heroes Square which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you like arts visit Museum of Fine Arts or take a tour in Budapest Zoo, your children would love it. After the adventures you should visit the most famous Hungarian restaurant, Gundel Cafe Patisserie Restaurant! Gundel is well-known as one of the most illustrious restaurant of Hungary- was the birthplace of the most famous traditional hungarian dishes which were the basis of our gastronomy. Do not hesitate to reserve a seat at one of the tables named after world-famous guests who visited our restaurant. After all this, take a dip in the neighbouring Széchenyi Baths.

Make History - Your Story

Hungary proudly presents Budavári Palace District. Where everyone can truly experience the royal majesty of the modern age. In the area of the castle You can take a pleasure to the beautiful buildings and monuments. At the end of the walk, You can reach the gates of the Main Guard and the Cavalry. As part of the world heritage the place takes us back to the old days where we can live the history as our own story. Last but not least the city’s most beautiful selfie point is located here because of the fabolous panorama opens up from the terrace Főőrség Cafe & Restaurant. This is the place where flavors match the environment, helping to make historical adventures complete and unforgettable.

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Fall in love with Budapest

Budapest’s Breathtaking 360-Degree Panorama.

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